Logan Dandridge

Experimental moving image artist Logan Ryland Dandridge was the inaugural Cavendish Arts Science Fellow at Girton College, 2021-22.

He brought his interest in memory, non-liner time and Black experience to his dialogues with physicists at the Cavendish Laboratory and fellows at Girton College, and created several experimental works, including the work-in-progress film 'Antiphony'.

Artist Fellow Logan and Suchitra on 'People Doing Physics' podcast


"This is an incredibly ambitious venture and I've definitely been put in a position to extend my practice in ways that I would never have thought possible. I think that is at the centre of this Fellowship. It is such a beautiful and delicate balance to be playing in as an artist."

Logan Dandridge


In Episode 3 of this podcast produced by the Cavendish Laboratory, Suchitra Sebastian, Director of Cavendish Arts Science and Logan Dandridge, Cavendish Arts Science Fellow talk about personal routes into creative and scientific fields and how approaches involving experiment and questioning connect to the programme's aims and ambitions.

Looking Backwards and Forwards: an interview with Logan Dandridge

"The notion of lineage is so visceral in my imagination and in my awareness of myself. I know I’m not the man that I see in the photograph but that I carry something of that man inside of me. In the obvious ways it’s my hair my eyes my height my expressions. And maybe it is also this unique plurality of history pain faith and pride. To me inheritance isn’t just genetic it’s something more."

Logan Dandridge



Antiphony is an experimental film and work-in-progress by Logan Dandridge. 

It reveals some of the questions that were driving Logan's engagement with physics during the Fellowship, notably around ideas of spirituality, science fiction, non-linear time, Blackness and his own familial bonds.


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