Ain Bailey

Artist, composer and DJ Ain Bailey was the second Cavendish Arts Science Fellow at Girton College, 2022-23.

Ain brought an interest in multi-channel sound, architectural acoustics and the constellation of sounds that form individual and community identities, to her encounters with physicists.

Ain Bailey and Gemma Bale on 'People doing Physics' podcast

In Episode 19 of this podcast produced by the Cavendish Laboratory, Cavendish Arts Science Fellow Ain Bailey talks with Gemma Bale, assistant professor of Medical Therapeutics at the University of Cambridge and head of the Neuro Optics Lab about the intersection of sound, science and music.

The Cavendish: A Tone Poem

Ain Bailey created a new sonic work-in-progress in response to her encounters with physicists as Cavendish Arts Science Fellow.

Her immersive electroacoustic composition incorporates the bleeps, pings, drones and otherworldly sounds of different labs and equipment at the Cavendish Laboratory, with experimental vocals by Maggie SiƓn.

Listen to an extract here:


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