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Suchitra on superconductivity for BBC In our Time

Cavendish Arts Science Director Suchitra Sebastian discusses superconductivity with Melvyn Bragg, Nigel Hussey and Stephen Blundell for BBC Radio Four In our Time

Listen here

Logan Dandrige in CavMag

Malcom Longair in conversation with Logan Dandrige about his experience of the Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship.

"I have always been fascinated by science and love science fiction. I am intrigued by many concepts and ideas coming out of physics – the concept of worlds beyond, the nature of time, the idea of emergence, the nature of the Universe, the deeper meaning of what science is really telling us and so on. But I have never interacted with physicists before at a really serious level – this is a new departure for me. I am being encouraged to interact with the physicists in a really theoretical and tangible way"

Logan Dandridge

Read full article at CavMag, Issue 27 (April, 2022), Page 9

Art, Dance and Science at the Maxwell Centre

Jennifer Powell on the specially commissioned dance piece by Wayne McGregor and Haroon Mirza.

"This exciting new work by choreographer Wayne McGregor and artist Haroon Mirza was specially commissioned by Kettle’s Yard and the Maxwell Centre. It was performed again on the first public Open Day alongside the visual arts exhibition Into Boundless Space I Leap. The collaboration was inspired by James Clerk Maxwell’s scientific discoveries and the resulting work reflects the Centre’s wider purpose – to be a pioneering centre for creative discovery."

Jennifer Powell

Read full article at CavMag, Issue 16 (August, 2016), Page 8

Into Boundless Space I Leap

Cavendish Arts Science Director Suchitra Sebastian and Kettle's Yard Curator Guy Haywood on their exhibition Into Boundless Space I Leap.

"Our aim was to bring together scientists, artists and a far broader general audience to share this opportunity to explore worlds previously unseen and have their curiosity ignited and challenged in new ways, encountering a deeper desire to enquire about the physical world."

Suchitra Sebastian & Guy Haywood

Read full article at CavMag, Issue 16 (August, 2016), Page 9

Suchitra on Quantum Physics & Giorgio Griffa

Cavendish Arts Science Director Suchitra Sebastian leads a talk on the infinitely branching nature of emergent quantum phenomena in materials and Giorgio Griffa's exploration of patterns and infinity.'

Listen here

Suchitra on Anselm Kiefer

Suchitra Sebastian shares her research that explores the emergence of new quantum phenomena out of instability and thoughts in relation to Anselm Kiefer’s work.


Haroon Mirza at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Haroon Mirza in conversation with Suchitra Sebastian and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


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